hi, i'm rudy.

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-> compsci, math, and stats student @ uoft

-> building impactful, scalable, and secure software

-> passionate about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and innovation

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hello world🫡, i'm rudy. i'm a young adult entering my 20's with a burning desire to build cool sh!t. my goal lies in making innovative solutions that bring value into the lives of their users. i also want to do some cool research some day.

outside of development and tech, my interests lie in rock climbing, hip-hop, and working out. you'll often find me listening to the latest hip-hop songs or filming a youtube video about my life as a university student.


i'm a 3rd year computer science major (with a focus in ai)/math minor/stats minor at the university of toronto.

an ai/nlp engineer at the urban data center at the university of toronto (uoft).

an ML developer at utmist, the university of toronto machine intelligence student team, working on the re-implementation and expansion of the paper titled “Colorful Image Colorization” authored by Richard Zhang et al. to develop an automated colorization model for historical black and white images.

focusing on learning new technologies and delving deeper into machine learning and artificial intelligence.


led a team to develop an open source project w/ unicef that allows their developers to clone apache superset dashboards across instances, i.e. across staging and production environments, reducing the time taken to do so by 93.6%.

a co-founder and cto of an ed-tech productivity startup within the uoft hatchery's nest incubation program.

a full stack developer and a web development executive on hack the 6ix's organizing team.

wrote some test automation code as a swe intern at enrichAI.

did research on using particle swarm optimation to perform feature selection for classification models.

tools and languages i like to use:





tools and databases

Git/GitHubDockerAmazon Web Services (AWS)MySQLMongoDBPostgreSQLMilvus


An image of the Shakespearean GPT project.

Shakespearean GPT

Python - PyTorch

Implemented the Transformer architecture from scratch in PyTorch for generating text in the style of Shakespeare. Learn more >

An image of the LipNet project.


Python - TensorFlow - OpenCV - Matplotlib

An end-to-end sentence-level lipreading model capable of mapping a variable-length sequence of video frames to text. Learn more >

An image of the ShiftyTech project.


Python - TensorFlow - OpenCV - Milvus

Hack the North 2023: Best Hack Built on Replit. An application that allows users to code using their body. Learn more >

An image of the Spotify MultiSelect project.

Spotify MultiSelect

TypeScript, Next.js, React.js, Tailwind CSS

Add multiple tracks to a playlist at once. Learn more >

An image of the PortAudio project.



A portable audio I/O library designed for cross-platform support of audio. Learn more >

An image of the SoundSpace project.


React Native - Python - Flask - GraphQL

A cross-platform mobile application designed for uoft students to discover quiet study spots on campus. Learn more >

An image of the Blue project.


Java - Java Swing

A cross-platform dating application for UofT students. Learn more >

An image of the N:zyme project.


Python - Flask - React Native - NLP

An academic text summarization and information extraction tool to aid in active recall. Learn more >

An image of the Planck project.


Java - JavaFX - MySQL

A task management and planner application for highschool students. Learn more >


Urban Data Centre, University of Toronto
Aug 2023 - Present
Machine Learning Engineer
Toronto, ON
  • Engineered a novel knowledge source for a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) system by fine-tuning the RoBERTa large language model to > 93% accuracy using transfer learning for NER.
  • Independently conducted a comparative study to determine the impact of specific entities on overall accuracy, providing insights into the significance of distinct entities within the model.
May 2023 - Present
Co-Founder, CTO, Lead Programmer
Toronto, ON
  • Established an innovative ed-tech startup focused on addressing challenges students and researchers face while accessing and managing information on the web.
  • Conceptualized, developed, and deployed a dynamic and responsive MVP with novel features extracted from interviews with potential users.
  • Spearheaded the design of a scalable infrastructure on AWS with optimized data storage, laying foundation for future data analytics capabilities and minimizing AWS costs by 29.17%.
  • Iterated pitch decks, business plans, and cash flow projections, with final versions assessed by over 300 judges worldwide, resulting in our selection as finalists in a startup incubator.
TypeScriptAmazon Web Services (AWS)Chrome Manifest V3WebpackNode.jsExpress.jsPostgreSQLReactSCSSGit
Hack the 6ix
Summer 2023
Full-Stack Developer
Toronto, ON
  • Developed reusable, stylized components in React and TypeScript for the hackathon’s landing page, driving 3000+ unique views and 1200+ hacker applications.
  • Utilized the Notion API to fetch and display hacker information, schedule, and resources to 250+ hackers.
July 2022 - Aug 2022
Software Engineering Intern
Gurgaon, India
  • Developed an automated testing suite consisting of unit, integration, end-to-end, and usability tests for an IoT waste collection solution.
  • Automated >97% of tests using WebdriverIO and Selenium, reducing testing time by 99.1% (from 10 minutes to 32 seconds).
  • Facilitated identification of failed tests and increased ease of test analysis by automatically generating color-coded reports with screenshots and timestamps.


shoot me an email if you want to connect! you can also find me on linkedin if that's more your speed.